Advanced Motion Control Keyboard

Shouldn't you be able to make better use of both hands on a computer? 3Dconnexion's award winning technology is now integrated into a high performance, fully featured keyboard. SpaceNavigator gives you the benefits of a proven two-handed work style in one groundbreaking device.

Two Handed Power

With the SpaceNavigator, you can use your left hand to SmoothScroll™ and SmoothZoom™ through documents and websites, review project pert charts and manipulate 2D and 3D CAD and DCC models. At the same time, your right hand is free to use the mouse to select, modify and annotate. The SpaceNavigator adds power and efficiency impossible to match with just a standard mouse and keyboard.

Less Time & Less Discomfort

Eliminate tedious and repetitive steps that put unnecessary stress on your mouse hand. Users of 3Dconnexion motion controllers report up to a 30% increase in productivity and as little as half the repetitive mouse movement. More than 250,000 designers worldwide already enjoy the benefits of 3Dconnexion's proven motion control technology in over 100 supported software applications. Grab onto the power of your software with both hands.

  Key Features
  • Supports an array of office productivity,     DCC, viewer and CAD design applications
  • Programmable keyboard hotkeys
  • SmoothScroll and SmoothZoom enhance     navigation
  • Ultra-flat, Zero Degree Tilt™ design for     increased comfort
  • Available for US English and German


PDF Datasheet:
English , Deutsch