Part or Full time Sales & Marketing Mangement position:

This postion would be perfect for a sales manager already in the simulation market that has an extra hour per day to find new leads for our products.  We are in discussions with several companies that want to combine sales & marketing efforts and empower a management candidate that can be compensated by equity and involved in merger strategies.  In the short term, we need a entrepreneurial Sales Manager & self starter, able to work independently, for compensation plan weighted heavily in commissions, profit sharing, and/or equity without base. Sales skills not as important as the attitude, creativity, and technical knowledge to help our customers achieve their design goals.  Must use a contact manager (sales database), have general verbal & written sales skills, & ability to learn & understand hardware & software in the areas of simulation, CAD, & Virtual Reality. Knowing how to search the internet or doing minor editing to websites are also helpful but not important. The ideal candidate would eventually run various facets of the company or the combined companies

VR Depot represents and sells products to a list of the who's who in high tech companies worldwide (see home page). This is a great resume building opportunity!


The company offers training programs in the markets it serves.  Training fees are quite reasonable compared to larger company offerings.   (The free accomodation offer has been suspended).  Inquire for more info


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